Monday, July 2, 2012

#RTCUSA / #RTCNA (Revit Tech Conference 2012)

Most of us have made it back home by now, after attending the Revit Technology Conference North America, in Stone Mountain Georgia. Compared to other conferences i attend, what i enjoy the most about RTC is that since its a smaller occasion filled with the people pushing on Revit as hard as can be done, its a great venue to really have some serious conversations with those same folks.  That also means an elevated technical level, in many of the classes.  While i went in with that as my expectation, it was even more present than expected, in execution:  Some of the classes were simply badass, in what they showed off.

I have to say that my *only* regret, was that i didnt get in to ANY of Marcello Sgambelluri's classes this year:  Two were during my classes, and the third was during a class i have a pretty vested interest in (The Material Editor in 2013... and Props to Harlan Brumm for teaching it, that couldnt be a fun class to teach this year). (Also props to Marcello for teaching three!)  I heard nothing but amazing things, and if i could have cloned myself, id have been in all three.  Of course, if there were two of me at this conference, im pretty sure no one else would have stuck around.  Evidently one of me was enough.

I wont go classs by class, because pretty much everything i sat in was a great experience.  Scott Browns class on Interiors in Revit, however, was absolutely insane.
The conference itself... I tip my hat to the committee for what they set up for us. Perhaps a bit ironic that Bentley was the main sponser, but what the heck do i know about anything?  The fireside chat, with Dick Morley, was intense. Not intense like "woah, really?" but intense like:  "Yes, we have someone here who can talk about innovation in ANY dimension," and that really struck home with this being a "Revit" conference, and all the directions Revit can now push us in.  Awesome, for that.
The second night Bar B Que dinner was awesome, boat ride included.  No one can control the summers 105 degree heat, but it wasnt stopping this group (although we did assault the pool later, and the pool fought back).  When we ran out of tables, we converted the foyer fixture pieces in to one, and then it was on for some no holds barred (and no rules) beach volleyball.  John Tocci and i are now a part of the club called "hit in the face with a VBall by a fellow BIM-er."  In his defense, i was the one that hit him.  Oops. In defense of whoever hit me, well... I have a huge head and it was obviously in the way.  #Failboat.
The third day did not fail to raise the bar.  Again, amazing classes. (Even if i failed to make one while i tracked down my belongings...)  I said it on Saturday and ill say it again:  THIS is the conference and the group of speakers i want training every user i work with. 
Glorious Gadgets really DID show some interesting devices, and Desiree Mackey and I joined another club called "You get a nice tablet stylus as a present for being someone who FELL OFF STAGE while presenting."  That, encompassed with having to #dinosaurarms in front of everyone, and it was time for dinner (and a drink)!
The Gala dinner was great, (amazing conversations... You folks always inspire me), the Packway Handle Band had some entertaining Bluegrass for us (which i enjoyed.  The music was great, and if you dont think so, i support your right to be wrong!), and it was a perfect way to close the conference.  I also have to give a shoutout to @jakeberrettdj, Jake Stafford.  A few of us were lucky enough to have him fire up some tunes for us while kicking back after the Gala.  Two years in a row, #MusicByJake at RTC.  I hope thats a tradition we get to keep having. 
RTC is an event i happily attend running through a Saturday, and if it was a day longer running through Sunday... Id have been there too. The only bad part about the event is it has to end.  Until the next one!

Looking forward to the 2013 series, and im planning an honest attempt to make all three.

There was some serious camera equipment there, not counting mine.  Sadly, mine had the settings all jacked up from being in extreme daylight in Washington DC, on my way to RTC.  Still, i will post a link to a public folder, with the few pics that turned out alright, shortly.  See you all in Vancouver! (And Delft?)

EDIT:  My public pictures are HERE. They are mediocre at best, though. Darn camera settings!

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