Thursday, April 12, 2007


Tools > review warnings. Its big. For model performance, its huge. This may be ar aguable point with everyone, but numbers dont lie. I had three models i was overseeing, and when i did a Compact Central File, they werent shrinking down like normal. Then i went on a weeklong Warning Dialogue Cleanout (resolving the issues), and the results are below:

"Model 1": 253MB 104MB
"Model 2": 269MB 113MB
"Model 3": 214MB 121MB

Mind you, they were much larger before, becuase they didnt seem to compact. BUT, maybe there is a correlation? Do outstanding issues being checked for resolution by the program keep it from compressing itself? Anyway, the team of 6 people unanimously felt a performance increase after the fact.

This got me to thinking... The review warnings dialogue is obviously important, but is cumbersome to use. Its a pain to get in and out of. I had some thoughts on this, and submitted them using the link to autodesk.

I was about to post the message here, with my ideas, since it took awhile to type. Then i realized (just now) that by copying and pasting that link, i lost the contents of the message that i had copied from my communique to them. Nice. Maybe i can get it from the history, or maybe they will respond. Ill post back...