Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Autodesk Product Feedback 04-17-2007

I don't know about you guys, but as i stated below... Now that i have the product feedback submittal address, id like to keep up with telling Adsk what i think works great and what i don't. In my opinion, no one has any right to complain about tools lacking, unless they have spoken up.

I'm just putting up a submittal i sent them, about the Imported Objects tab of the VG dialogue. Its a bit ambiguous, in my opinion. We should be organized ourselves, without relying on the tool, but it wouldn't hurt to be a little clearer... :)

"VG dialogue - Imported Objects tab.
The VG dialogue is for Items in a specific view, yet imported items appear in the Imported Objects Tab, even if they have been imported using "This view only" in another view.
This makes isolating imports and keeping track of which consultants drawings are imported on which views difficult, and time consuming.
I may import a Site plan from the civil engineer for a key plan, and then in another view for a Composite Floor Plan. If I've used "This view only" for both views, i get confused often, when going to replace them with updated versions. For the key plan it may not matter, but for the floor plan it does. It is ambiguous figuring out which instances are placed where, if they all show up in every VG dialogue.
Also, when items are not displaying, it is hard to tell if someone has adjusted the VG settings, or if the imported object has been deleted. If someone goes in to the Comp. floor plan i mentioned, and does not see the Site plan, they do not know if the import has even deleted, as it is still in the VG dialogue (from the key plan). So they tend to import another one, bogging down our Revit models unnecessarily.
I don't want this to be a negative submittal, so ill say you guys are doing great! RAC 2008 is wonderful! : )"