Saturday, May 19, 2012

Class Materials- Autodesk TA event- Dallas

How has it been so long since i wrote here last?  Certainly, things are way too busy right now.  In any event, it so happened that an Autodesk Reseller Training event was happening up the street from my home / office, and the folks running the event were kind enough to let me come do a repeat of one of the classes i taught at AU2011. 

So first, a public "thanks!" to Amy Fietkau, for letting me come be obnoxious- i mean, teach some stuff- to a great (and entertaining) audience.

Secondly, Armadillo racing isnt what i thought it would be.  Those little suckers are fast!  It was a humbling experience, to be sure, but i am proud to say i motived my armadillo to kick some ass and win the race.  FIRST OR LAST baby.  (If i was chasing me down the street, id probably run like hell too!)

Thirdly, i owe you people some downloads, which- if you got the ones from AU, save the bandwidth, they are pretty close to the same thing.

So here they are!

Sample Data Sets
Class Handout

Imagine my surprise to get a goody bag on my way out the door!  Youll never be able to say i wasnt animated, but i just get super excited when i get presents!

So aside from that, many many things have been progressing, some definetely blog worthy, and some not.  I dont mind, though.  I would rather write less, but when i have something worth discussing, than post more frequently. 

The project mentioned in the last few posts, with the CME driven facade, is wrapping up Design Development, and- while im not technically part of the project team- i have had an immense amount of fun helping them along with it.  Some of us have twittered about possible sharing the Mass family, and ill ask about it when in the next meeting.  I like it, as a real example of a seat-of-the-pants-Mass-on-the-fly.  No doubt, it doesnt compare to Kelly Cone's   sa Rang church Mass, in terms of overall parametrics and flexibility, but alas... It was built by the seat of my pants.  :)  Here is what it looks like today.  Obviously some structural coordination is still going on.

There is more, too.  The project i talked about at the Ontario Revit Users Group last year, is HEAVILY under construction (major concrete pour today, in fact), so more on that later.  Both of these projects and more have gotten me in to the API a very tiny amount.  The API programmers among you will laugh at my novice capabilities, and i big public thanks to Phillip at KiwiCodes and Don Rudder at Case-inc, both who have helped me learn to develop, and to develop thigns for us.  Two class acts, cant wait to talk more about it.  Ill save that for the next post!