Sunday, November 27, 2011

AU2011- Its that time again!

You know, for the first time in a long time (lie)- I have more topics to cover than i do time to cover them.  I consider myself very fortunate to work at Beck, where ive had the opportunity recently to do some incredible things, Technology and Construction wise.  Some of them are based in Revit, and some of them are not, but hint at a workflow that could be. 

But alas, it is post Thanksgiving week, and for many of us that means its Autodesk University time.  (Let me say it also means i cooked an AMAZING meal for great friends.  You didnt think Revit was ALL i did, did you???)  This year, i was fortunate enough to have a couple of classes selected for presentation.  Both are on Thursday.

The first class is: 

AB4532- Autodesk Revit Links, Groups, and Documentation:  How to make it Really Work! 

Thursday, 8am:  Venue:  Marcello 4502

The second class is:

CR4551: Autodesk Revit, Contractors, Site Logistics, and Construction Scheduling for the Real World.

Thursday, 1pm:  Venue:  Marcello 4502

Ive been late getting the materials put together, due to things being crazy hectic (thats my fault), but the AB4532 materials are up.  You can get them from the website, or you can get them here:

We can also laugh watching my computer hang on for dear life, with a 1.2GB Revit Model opened.  (Ill admit, the margin is slim, but it holds steady!)

Here are a couple of quick excerpts from the AB4532 class.  A quick video on Model Groups, with multiple embedded Detail Groups, and why "annotating the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity."

Another one, on Links, Design Options, View Templates, and how its a lot of fun to use all three together on Tall Buildings.

For the CR class.... We will ahve plenty of goodies.  Maybe even some more Point Data, Inventor, and Mail Merge. (Oh yes i did). Anyone looking to get ahold of me throughout AU:

Twitter @twiceroadsfool
aaron at
Or text if you have the number. ;)

Post AU?  Syracuse, Waltham, and Boston, before getting back to Dallas Town.  Lets make this happen!


Erik said...

Aaron, the information you shared at the end of CR4551 about how you used .txt files to create a link between BIM software, Fabrication software, reality and back was absolutely awesome.

Even though that wasn't the focus of the class, it was "worth the price of admission"

Great job on the presentation.

Greg said...

In the second video you had a single link with multiple floors embedded in it. I don't do much with Linked files so I'm at a loss as to how you did that. Care to enlighten me? thanks

Aaron Maller said...

Greg- Its not a link with multiple floors. The link is only one story tall, and there are several instances of the link, placed on different levels in the main model.

The link has design options to handle the differences between floors. :)

Plessey Mathews said...

About the 1.2 GB model. How long did you machine take to open it? More importantly whats the story behind why you tried to open the file on such a tight spec machine? And if I can indulge your kindness in two more question what did you do after opening it?
What is the typical machine config that you would recommend for it.

Aaron Maller said...

The machine doesnt take an obscene amount of time to open it... A few minutes longer than normal, perhaps. Nothing crazy. And i wasnt *trying* to open on such a low spec'd machine, the point of showing this model is that certain *things* make file size grow that DONT always affect performance. That model was 51MB when i *opened* it, and then i placed a bunch of adaptive components. When i was done, the file was the 1.2GB. Ive SWC'd many times and reopened it many times.

Typical machine specs? Were running consumer grade, i7's, and were now ordering them with 16 or 32 GB of ram, depending on pricing.