Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Revit Plan vs RCP Visibility... Do you want both?

Another short note i sent in using the Product Feedback page at:


I may be the only one wishing for this, but its something that seems (in my very limited knowledge) easy to accomplish.

The Visibility conditions for geometry in families-

Plan/RCP when cut

These all work very well, but Plan and RCP would be much better if they were separated. Often times i build items that i would like to see in the RCP, but not in the Floor plan (Light sconces, some generic models, Louvered awnings over doors, etc.) and i am not able to, unless by chance the item is cut by the cut-plane of the RCP.
Then i have to spend a few hours explaining these shortcomings to the Project managers, haha.
Also, i have a door with transom windows, and because of the transom it is cut by both plan and RCP. This makes the symbolic lines for the door swing show up on the RCP as well. Now, i can go in to VG and disable them, but with 6-8 RCP's in the project (plus enlarged) this sometimes takes a large amount of time. Also, i may not want the frames and such to show. If there Plan and RCP boxes were separate, i could affront this much easier in the family editor during content creation.


DBaldacchino said...

Good points. As to your transom example....couldn't you nest a door swing family within the door panel family (you'd have to build the rotation of the door panel within this family, together with the swing)and set it to show only when this family is cut? Then, once you nest it into a door frame with transom, if the cut plane cuts through the door panel, the swing will show up (yes, you'll see it in the RCP if the cut plane intersects the door panel, so your suggestion is very valid!) but if you cut through the transom in an RCP view, the swing shouldn't show up. This could help ease the pain while we wait for the divorce of Plan and RCP ;)

Malleristic-Revitation said...

Great idea, i never thought of trying that. It wont default to using "cut behavior" becuase its parent family is cut, will it?

Ill have to check it out. :) Currently, its the transom that is cut, as you mentioned. The panel itself is not...

DBaldacchino said...

I don't think it'll behave as if it's cut just because the host family is cut, unless the cut plane crosses the nested geometry itself. I'd give it a quick try before going too far with rotation etc. just in case!