Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bentley Architecture?

I haven't gotten a chance to even DL the trial yet, but I'm going to. Its based on Microstation, i suppose, since you must have the latter to try out the former. Ive never used either, but in the spirit of staying Objective about Revit I'm going to Download it this weekend.

Granted, i haven't spent a great deal of time with the various platforms I've used... But I've used a few, and i prefer it that way. So far I've been the happiest and most successful with Revit, for a number of reasons. Yet, having been down other roads always offers perspective, and from it, appreciation for the things we have. :)

Anyone try Bentley Architecture yet?


Anonymous said...

We have been using BA for about 2 years now. We have a client that is making us use it on their projects. We have 4-5 people using it and they all hate it. It's horrible; they never update the software, it's expensive to get training and it's very difficult. Paper and pencil is more productive then BA.

I wouldn't waste your time.

DBaldacchino said...

I demo'd it a couple of years ago via a webcast presentation. Don't waste your time.....it was like seeing ADT! It was broken...even the presenter was pointing out roof tools that don't work. It was a very easy decision to dismiss it and move on to the next.

Malleristic-Revitation said...

Hmm, maybe the glory is all ni the demo video on the webiste, hmm? Haha...

I havent had a chance to download the demo yet, hopefully soon... Just to say ive tried it out.

I would never consider moving from Revit unless something mindblowing came to the forefront, but it is nice to eb well rounded with whats out there...

On my wishlist of things to play with:

Bentley Arch.

New ArchiCAD (Havent used it since 8, or 9)

Digital Project (I still love playing with it, but i havent been able too since my olb job two years ago...Pricey Pricey)

Autodesk Inventor- I DL'ed the demo version "LT" from Autodesk Labs... I want to see what the Form modelers are like, and where that can go. Plus i heart that it lets you use the 3D Connexions Space Pilot, lol...

And ive barely broken in to the Rhino Realm. I learned enough to accomplish some small goal we had once, but that was it...

Anonymous said...

You can tell me about the differnce between:
- Revit -vs- Achicad
- Revit -vs- Vectorworks
- Revit -vs- Bantley Architecture
- Revit -vs- Star
- Revit -vs- Arc +
- Revit -vs- Arris
- Revit -vs- Nemetschek
- Revit -vs- ADT
- Revit -vs- Chief Architect
- Revit -vs- Digital Design (Ghery Tech.)

Tom MacKnight said...

I know I'm in a room full of Revit users, and my view may not be a popular one, but BA works well for us. We execute large 3D (BIM) projects that integreate multiple disciplines and frequently last longer than a year. We've been doing BIM for over a decade using various tools and just recently began using BA a couple of years ago. Cool product. We track everything (components) and us the BA and the Bentley engineering packages to generate full take-offs for cost control. Also use interference checking. Sorry some of you haven't enjoyed your use of the product. However that’s not been our experience.